About Doonane Dogs

Humble Beginnings

Emma Humphreys, dubbed “The Fairy Dog Mother,” has garnered a loyal following of pet owners who entrust their beloved companions into her safe and loving care, often traveling long distances for the privilege. However, her journey to becoming a renowned figure in the world of dog care wasn’t straightforward. In 2010, amid economic downturn, Emma found herself at a pivotal moment, prompting her to reassess her path. What began as a modest venture blossomed into Doonane, an esteemed dog care facility nestled in the Dublin Mountains. Over the years, Emma’s dedication has transformed Doonane into a sprawling 10-acre haven, equipped with luxury amenities like heated kennels and the exclusive Bluebell suites. Emma understands her clients’ desires for professional, affectionate, and secure care for their pets, This combined with Emma’s unwavering commitment  has led to the formation of a community of happy and loyal dogs and owners, who are frequent and regular visitors to Doonane.

Emma's Approach

At Doonane, Emma offers more than just a place for dogs to stay; she creates an unparalleled experience rooted in her deep understanding of canine behavior. With over 15 years of observation and learning directly from the dogs themselves, Emma’s approach prioritizes animal welfare and natural pack dynamics.

Emma’s facility goes beyond standard boarding, emphasising transparency and personalised care. From natural initiation processes for new arrivals to carefully planned group walks for socialisation, Emma ensures each dog’s safety and comfort. Her commitment to harmony within the pack means she carefully assesses compatibility, prioritising the well-being of all guests. Through constant supervision, exercise, and stimulation, Emma provides a nurturing environment where dogs can thrive, giving owners peace of mind knowing their pets are in capable hands.