Terms & Conditions

Dear Valued Clients
& Woofs

I know from experience how important it is for you to feel comfortable in the knowledge that your dog is in safe hands while boarding. I also know if I make the dog’s stay safe, secure and as stressfree as possible that they will be excited and happy when they arrive at the gates of Doonane for their next visit. This will put you, the owner at ease. At Doonane, I see it as a key part of the service I offer to make that separation as easy as possible for both you and your dog.


In the unlikely event that Doonane needs to cancel your booking, we reserve the right to do so while endeavoring to give you as much notice as possible.


Doonane has 12 large heated individual kennels and the Bluebell suite.. Pets from the same family can share a kennel as they are spacious and offer freedom of movement. We supply bedding, blankets, toys, water bowls, etc. We don’t take in any bedding but feel free to bring an old t-shirt of yours that we can leave in your dog’s bed so they have a familiar scent of home.

All dogs are walked daily in small groups 3 times a day. This style of exercise is excellent for socializing with other dogs as they get to interact and play with one another. Your dog will get great benefit from this play time. Please see reviews from our current customers on Doonanes facebook page ! One to one walking is also available for non-social dogs at an additional charge.

  • At Doonane we have created an intimate environment that is as peaceful as possible, to avoid stress for all our dogs.
  • We have two walking areas at Doonane, one which is fully enclosed and the other contains rabbits, foxes, streams and wooded areas and is not fully enclosed but great fun for your pet.
  • All due care will be taken with your pet in an  unenclosed area but in the unlikely event that your dog strays we cannot accept responsibility.  Please advise us of your preferred walking area on arrival.
  • We have large comfortable kennels, with both an indoor and outdoor area, heating and classical music in the background. The kennels are cleaned thoroughly and blankets are changed regularly.
  • In addition to our canine guests, we also have rabbits, horses, foxes and deer at Doonane, Please note that dogs love nothing more than to have a good roll in rabbit, fox and horse poop. Please book your dog to be washed the day of departure if this concerns you.
  • Your dog may well be tired when he or she gets home. This is because they have had a very active holiday
  • We have CCTV cameras and Doonane is  manned 24/7
  • While we love every dog, unfortunately not all dogs are suited to Doonane.
  • From our experience, dogs that bark a lot, anxious dogs, aggressive dogs, dogs suffering from separation anxiety, unneutered dogs,  dogs that are in heat or due to come into heat. Dogs who do not cope well with strangers in most cases will also be unsuitable for Doonane.
  • Dogs can be unpredictable even to the very experienced handler and a dog’s behavior can differ with changed environment and there we recommend a short stay in advance of a long stay.
  • You must let us know if there are is any reason your pet should not be socialised with other dogs.
  • You must let us know if you have noticed any changes in your dogs behavior we should be made aware of?
  • This allows us to assess the suitability of your dog for Doonane and also for you to assess the suitability of Doonane for your dog.


Daycare must be paid in full a week in advance to secure a booking.
Daycare days are non-refundable & we require 48 hours notice to reschedule a booked daycare day. 

A deposit of 25% must be paid to secure a booking. If  you cancel  with 14 days notice your deposit can be transferred to a future booking. Otherwise your deposit is non-refundable.


All new clients must complete an assessment for their pet before a booking can be confirmed. 

An Assessment consists of a viewing for you and a short stay for your pet, followed by a full daycare day and 2 overnight stays.

If your dogs behavior changes during his/her stay at Doonane and we feel it’s in all the dogs best interests that your dog gets one to care, an additional charge will be added to your bill.


We can only confirm a grooming booking once 25 % deposit has been paid. If you need to cancel your booking we require at least 48 hours notice to reschedule your appointment. Your deposit is transferable but not refundable.

Drop Offs and Pick Up

  • At Doonane, we have set pick up and drop off windows.  These times must be adhered to for the safety and well-being of all our dogs and to allow us to provide our service to all our dogs
  • Drop off and pick up times 11.00am to 12.30pm and 5.00pm to 6.30pm
  • It is essential that your dog is collected during the agreed pick up times as there may be additional clients dropping dogs off and therefore we may not have room for your dog after the agreed pick up times.
  • Please consider the other dogs when visiting, picking up or dropping off at Doonane – it is important that you make your visit as quick as possible and that any children stay out of the kennel area to avoid unnecessary stress to the other guests.
  • On arrival at the entrance gate, please call 087-222 0033. The gate is operated from our mobile phone.
  • Please note the gate intercom is for private use only.
  • Please park responsibly leaving room for other cars
  • On viewing the kennels you can discuss any special issues your dog may have. It’s in everyone’s best interest to be upfront with any special needs or issues that your dog may have.
  • When you are away your dog may decide to try to “find” you. Dogs can escape from even the most experienced individuals, if your dog is a climber, digger or some other type of “escape artist” please let us know in advance of their stay so that precautions can be put in place.
  • Vets recommend that a change of diet is introduced slowly over a period 7 to 10 days, in order to avoid an upset stomach. That’s why we don’t provide food.
  • When packing your dog’s food for their stay, it should be both bagged and labelled in daily portions, or the appropriate size scoop included in containers
  • A change in environment can cause some dogs to get a sick stomach, providing them with a bland diet is a great way to ensure they have lots of tummy protection.
  • As a suggestion Chicken and rice pre-cooked or, plain yogurt for calming the digestive system and also adding fibre.
  • All adult dogs need to be neutered once they reach adulthood. Puppies mature into adults at a different time, Large dog breed will mature into an adult at about 15 months, while smaller breeds will be puppies for only 9 months.
  •  We do not take dogs that have come into heat or are due to come into heat.
  • If your dog is ill prior to boarding, it is imperative that you inform me, as you pet may pass his illness to other dogs. Most common dog illnesses take 5 to 10 days to incubate!
  • We cannot always allow dogs that have been recently ill to board with us as it is can be unsafe for the other guests.
  • Unfortunately dog allergies are becoming more common, pollen grass bushes and insect bites can all cause reactions. Symptoms are scratching licking and chewing of feet and body, discoloration of paws, red or watery eyes, ear infection runny nose. It is important to maintain monthly flea and tick treatments. Most allergies are usually easily remedied.
  • The welfare of your dog as well as the other dogs in our care is vital to us so it is absolutely necessary to bring along your dog’s current vaccination certificate. It is our policy to refuse entry to any dog that does not have a valid vaccination certificate. All dogs must be vaccinated against kennel cough and have their annual vaccinations up to date. For vaccinations to be valid they must be done at least 14 days prior to arrival. We are happy to give prescribed medication to dogs staying with us – please supply clear written instructions and sufficient quantity of medicines for your dog’s entire stay.
  • While all due and reasonable care is taken of your dog while at Doonane, any additional costs incurred associated with the boarding of your dog is entirely your responsibility. In the event that vet bills occur or damage  is caused to the Doonane property, these additional costs will be added to your bill on collection of your pet.